Playboy’s Faces of Resilience


Playboy’s Faces of Resilience

Our contributors remind us that enjoying sexual freedom means defending the rights of all genders and identities. As we celebrate the richness of different lived experiences, we are energized by the opportunity to come out formally for what we believe. And so, inspired by a 1969 Letter to the Editor that warned against the dangers of conversion therapy, let this be an announcement that proudly reminds the world where PLAYBOY stands: Gay is good.

Which leads us to Faces of Resilience, an editorial dedication to the warriors who have survived conversion therapy and those who are fighting, state by state, to ban the practice nationwide. With editorial guidance from the Trevor Project, an organization supporting at-risk LGBTQ youth, PLAYBOY is proud to spotlight these change-makers.

Durée: 02:12 Source: Playboy